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The ongoing changes in the insurance field are almost impossible for a practice to maintain a positive cash flow. With using our billing services your overall expenses are greatly reduced. Your reimbursement time is accelerated. QMBS is the key to improve your accounts receivables. Maintaining your patient confidentiality in a secure environment is a vital aspect of our service to you! Electronic Claims Processing averages error rates of less than 2%. The claim is audited by our software and by the clearinghouse for any errors. Errors are reported and can be corrected immediately. Electronic Claims Processing formats conforming to the formats mandated by Congress. All claims for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial carriers are sent to one clearinghouse. This minimizes errors and problems with formats and standards.

Our staff is highly trained to handle all your office needs.  We do precerts, authorizations, verification of benefits, claims processing and tracking, denials and appeals, and among others listed below.  We keep educated by going to Seminars and belonging to associations that keep us up to date with the changes.

How we will reduce your expenses without reducing quality!

  • Reduced payroll overhead
  • Claims Submitted within 48 hours of receipt
  • Speed up Reimbursement (usually within 21 days)
  • Reduced denial/rejected claims
  • No software/equipment to maintain
  • No staff to train



This is what we can do for you!

Full Practice Management

Claims filing

  • Electronic/Paper Claims Submissions

  • Secondary Submissions

  • Insurance Follow ups

  • Patient Billing (monthly)

  • Payment Posting

  • Monthly Analysis Reports

  • Monthly Deposit Reports

  • Claims submission reports

  • Soft Collections


  • Electronic/Paper Claims Submissions

  • Monthly Reports stating claims submitted

Additional Services

  • Working Appeals

  • Past Due Claims and Clean Up

  • Insurance Verification

  • Authorization Tracking

  • Patient Birthday Cards

  • Remote Access

  • Consulting

  • Credentialing

  • HIPAA Consulting & Training

Payment of claims:

  • All payments are sent directly to your office for deposit to your account

  • Copies of All EOB's are submitted to QMBS

  • All payments are posted to the patient's accounts

  • Secondary insurance companies are billed automatically upon receipt of the primary's EOB

  • Information regarding payment of all non-covered charges (co-payment, etc) paid by the patient is submitted to QMBS

  • A full Report regarding all transactions each month.


Consulting Services:

 QMBS offers consulting to small and large healthcare providers groups. We use our education and expertise to work for you. We are there to address everyday problems running your clinic. We do have a proven track record in helping new clinic or established clinic-improving reimbursement. 


Remote Access:

We make it easy for you to network with us real time.  You can access your database in your office via the internet.  This will let your staff look up patient balances, claim notes, and any report any time.  The system is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We use Altapoint Software and keep our software up to date so you don't have to worry about Software upgrades or hardware.  This is an additional charge.


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