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       Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   How long does it take to get started with QMBS?

A.   Once we have all the information on your practice then it can take from one to four weeks to get you all set up with the clearinghouse. But in the mean time we can still submit your claims on paper. So your income will not be bothered in the transition.


Q.   What information is need for QMBS to get started?

A.   We will need the provider to fill out a provider information form. Then we will need a fee schedule, a current superbill, Patient information form, copy of Patient insurance card ( front& Back)


Q.   How often should we send our claims?

A.   We Personally recommended that our clients send their claims consistently, either daily or on a weekly basis.


Q.   How do we report payments to QMBS?

A.   You can use a payment log in your office and fax/or mail us a copy when fax/or mail the EOB's to our office. On the payment log you can report if co-pays and patients payments. If you don't use this kind of form in your practice we can design one for you.


Q.   How often will our patients be billed?

A.   All patients in our system will receive a bill for any balance due, once we receive payment from the insurance company. If you have contracted for this service. Patients are billed bi-monthly.


Q.   Where are our reimbursements sent?

A.   All reimbursements are sent directly to your office. And then the client in returns send us a copy of the EOB's, so we can post payment and do follow-up.


Q.   Can our company handle clients anywhere in the country?

A.   Yes, since most of our business can be handle over a fax and computer, mail.  QMBS is capable of working with Physicians thoughout the USA.  We DO NOT work with Physicians out of the country, and we do NOT outsource our work out of our office.  Our staff are highly trained.


Q.   How does QMBS handle non-payments from Patients?

A.   We will send out three statements and make follow-up phone calls. And after 90 days we will recommend that the account be turned over to an collection company.


Q.   Can QMBS code our superbills for us?

A.   No, we do not do coding, this should only be done by a certified coder or the provider.


Q.   Why does QMBS charge a set up fee?

A    This is a one time (non refundable) fee that covers many things that need to be accomplished before we can submit your claims. Creating your database , and getting your accounts set up with the clearinghouse and with the carriers. We invest time and energy providing theses services to you, all which takes place before we can generate your first claim. Each set-up fee is determine on the providers practice each practice is unique. 


Q.  How does QMBS handle denials?

A.  If the denial is valid then it will have to be written off. But if the denial is not valid, we will request the carrier to reprocess the claims. This might mean we will have to submit chart notes etc. Then we will contact your office for the necessary reports to resubmit.



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